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Clear my Bookshelf Sale CV$500.00 United States 1855-1965 Mint & Used

Clear my Bookshelf Sale CV$500.00 United States 1855-1965 Mint & Used

Clear my Bookshelf Sale CV$500.00 United States 1855-1965 Mint & Used
[STOCK IMAGE] Please do not order if 1 you expect to receive everything pictured, including bookcases, 2 you do not agree with catalog values, 3 you did not thoroughly read the description, 4 you do not like mystery lots, 5 you are easily disappointed. Bookshelves, pictures and frames not included! A bigger deal than our "Clear my Desk" lot, this does not include ANY covers. It may contain mint (hinged, never hinged, no gum, partial gum) and used sets and singles, mini-collections, souvenir sheets, miniature sheets, booklets - but only from the United States between 1855 and 1965. Order multiples for higher catalog value! Will attempt to avoid duplication, but will minimize it.

You will receive a random selection from the stock books in the bookshelves and from the boxes next to them. Some faults can be expected. Feel free to make requests, but I cannot guarantee I have everything on those shelves. If you prefer variety, please let me know. An educated collector is a happy collector!

All reasonable offers considered - we'll match most price! If you're NOT allowed to submit an offer because it's too low or it's not enabled, just send us a message and we'll work it out. Catalog Numbers and Search Examples Catalog values are for the condition(s) described in the appropriate sections. Michel, Facit, Yvert, SG, Maury and Scott numbers are provided whenever possible. FaHA1 - Search for Facit ATM Booklet #1 YTPA33 - Search for Yvert Poste Aerienne #33 (same for Maury) for Air Post Stamps MiDM3 - Search for Michel Official #3 MaPO33 - Search for Maury Pre-Oblitere #33 (same as Yvert) for Precanceled stamps YTTSxx - Search for Yvert Timbres Service stamps UNESCO, etc...

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Clear my Bookshelf Sale CV$500.00 United States 1855-1965 Mint & Used